One Health (ZDU) Past Activities

Training of OH focal persons Nakuru, Kenya; 2nd – 4th July, 2014

This was a follow-up to the meeting held on 15th May, 2014.  The OH focal persons were selected to be the focal persons who will be involved in the training on One Health in the sub-counties.

Consultative meeting on the Implementation of One Health at the counties Naivasha, Kenya, 15th May, 2014

This 1-day meeting involved CEC of Health and Veterinary Services from 10 counties.  This was the first step in introducing One Health as well as selecting One Health focal persons in the counties.

Quarter II Zoonoses Technical Working Group (ZTWG) meeting Nairobi Kenya, 9th May 2014

During this meeting, the chairmanship of ZTWG changed to Ministry of Health for the next 1 year.

42nd Kenya Medical Association Scientific Conference Watamu, Kenya; 23rd – 26th April, 2014

This conference was a good opportunity for ZDU to share the One Health concept as well as the activities that ZDU has been involved in since its launch in October, 2012 with the medical fraternity.

OH Strategic Plan Review workshop Nakuru Kenya; 24th – 26th February, 2014

This review meeting which had participants from the line ministries and key stakeholders was held to do the final review of the One Health Strategic Plan.

Brucellosis stakeholders forum Sultan Hamud, Kenya; 17th February, 2014

This 1-day meeting brought together local leaders, reeligious leaders, chiefs, and community representatives from Kajiado county.  This meeting was held to disseminate the findings from the Brucellosis sero-prevalence study that was carried out in Kajiado county in 2012 as well as introduce the Incidence study that will be carried out in the county in 2014.

Quarter I Zoonoses Technical Working Group (ZTWG) meeting Nairobi Kenya; 5th February, 2014

The first meeting for 2014 was held on 5th February, 2014.  This meeting brought together representatives from Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries, and all the other stakeholders.

Brucellosis Incidence Study sensitisation visit Kajiado Kenya; 14th January, 2014

A visit was made to the Kajiado county government offices to share with them the results from the Brucellosis sero-prevalence study that had been carried out in 2012 as well as share with them the plans of carrying out in Incidence study in Kajiado in 2014.

Brucellosis Incidence Study workshop Naivasha Kenya; 18th – 19th December, 2013

This workshop was held in preparation for the 1-year lond Brucellosis Incidence study that will be carried out in Kajiado county from 2014.  The study tools and study logistics were discussed during this intensive 2-day workshop.

OH Strategic Plan workshop Nairobi Kenya; 4th – 6th December, 2013

The Strategic Plan for the Implementation of One Health in Kenya was launched on October 2012 by the then Minister of Livestock Development and the then Permanent Secretary for Health, on behalf of the then Minister for Health.  It has become evident that the Strategic Plan requires some revisions and additions and it is for this reason that this workshop was held.

Rabies Elimination and Control Strategy workshop Athi River Kenya; 18th – 19th November, 2013

ZDU is spearheading the process of coming up with a Rabies Elimination and Control Strategy for Kenya.  It is for this reason that several follow-up meetings, from the first workshop held in May 2013, have continued to take place.  The document is in a fairly advanced stage and it is hoped that it will be ready for launching and adoption in Kenya in the first quarter of 2014.

Quarter IV Zoonoses Technical Working Group (ZTWG) meeting, Nairobi Kenya; 6th November, 2013

The Quarter IV meeting, which was the last meeting of 2013 was held on 6th November, 2013.  The meeting was graced by the then newly appointed Director of Veterinary Services.

Communication Workshop Nakuru Kenya; 1st – 4th October, 2013

ZDU is in the process of coming up with a communication plan.  The purpose of this workshop was therefore to begin the process of drafting a communication plan that will be of use to ZDU and to all the collaborators.

Brucellosis sero-prevalence study Marsabit County, August-September 2013

The study was carried out between 20th August – 13th September, 2013.  The study was a success and this was largely due to the community sensitization that was carried out by the community leaders, chiefs, village elders, and religious leaders who had attended the meeting that had been held earlier in July in Marsabit.

Quarter III Zoonoses Technical Working Group (ZTWG) meeting Nairobi Kenya; 7th August, 2013

The Quarter III ZTWG meeting was held on 7th August, 2013 in Nairobi Kenya.

Brucellosis sero-prevalence study Marsabit county – Community sensitisation visit Marsabit; 8th – 13th July, 2013

ZDU carried out a Brucellosis sero-prevalence study in Marsabit county in the months of August and September, 2013.  Prior to commencing the study, it was important to meet with the community leaders who included the chiefs, village elders, religious leaders, medical and veterinary officers so as to inform them of the intention to carry out the study as well as get their input as to how the study was to benefit the community.  This was the first ever linked study carried out.

Brucellosis and Anthrax Guidelines Workshop Nakuru Kenya; 26th – 28th June, 2013

The workshop was used as a forum to review what is currently available in the world with a view to addressing the current situation in Kenya as regards outbreaks and response of the two diseases.  When the guidelines are finalised, ZDU hopes that they will be adopted by the ministries and will be used as reference documents for both the government and non-state actors addressing zoonoses in the country.

Site Assessment visit to Laikipia; 17th – 19th June, 2013

ZDU undertook a site visit to Laikipia which is in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya to assess the viability of decentralising One Health and setting up of a mini-ZDU in the county.  This is the second site visit done by ZDU this year with the aim of getting the best location for this.  The population of Laikipa comprises pastoralists, small scale farmers, extensive ranches, and wildlife.

Rift Valley Fever and Rabies Guidelines Workshop Nakuru Kenya; 22nd – 24th May, 2013

Currently, there are no guidelines for the prevention and control of the majority of priority zoonotic diseases. In instances where the guidelines exist, they are not holistic and only target the animal or human aspects, depending on the sector that developed them. To address priority zoonotic diseases in a systematic manner, it is important to develop and realign existing documents form a one health perspective.

The ZDU facilitated the first of several guideline development workshops between 22nd – 24th May at Merica Hotel in Nakuru, Kenya. The workshop focused on Rabies and Rift Valley Fever and was very well attended.

When the guidelines are finalized, ZDU hopes that they will be adopted by the ministries and will be used as reference documents for both government and non-state actors addressing zoonotic diseases in the country.

Quarter II Zoonoses Technical Working Group (ZTWG) meeting Nairobi Kenya; 15th May, 2013

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Rabies guidelines committee meeting in Nairobi; 2nd April, 2013

Rabies is one of the priority zoonotic diseases that the Zoonotic Disease Unit is working on this year.  As part of this year’s Workplan,  the Zoonotic Disease Unit is to come up with Rabies Control Guidelines that will be used to prepare the Standard Operating Procedure for joint coordination by the line ministries. The participants in this meeting were from diverse disciplines in Ministry of Livestock Development, Ministry of Public Health & Sanitation, University of Nairobi, KSPCA, Kenya Wildlife Services, FAO, WHO, CDC, KEMRI among others.

Joint coordination SOP workshop in Nakuru, Kenya; 27th and 28th March, 2013

The workshop included participants from diverse disciplines in the Ministry of Livestock Development, Ministry of Public Health & Sanitation, Kenya Wildlife Services, CDC, and FAO.

The main objectives of this workshop were:-

(i)     To define various thematic groups for response to an outbreak

(ii)  To review the proposed generic framework for response standard operating procedure (SOP)

(iii)To define stakeholders and each of their roles in engagement during an outbreak


ZDU team and stakeholders in Nakuru.

One Health Bulletin committee meeting; 19th March, 2013

 ZDU was tasked with coming up with a regular bulletin.  This meeting held on 19th March succeeded in constituting an editorial team that will begin the work of coming up with a regular bulletin.

Quarter I Zoonoses Technical Working Group (ZTWG) meeting Nairobi Kenya; 20th February, 2013

The Zoonoses Technical Working Group (ZTWG) is a multisectoral group with members from MoPHS, MoLD, KWS, KEMRI, CDC, WHO, FAO, AU-IBAR among others.  The group meets every quarter so as to get an update from ZDU on activities carried out and planned.  The group also advises the ZDU team on the way forward.

Review of surveillance tools for zoonotic diseases in animal and human health systems. Focus on data collection, management and reporting; 11th – 25th February,  2013

This exercise was carried out in several counties within the country with the aim of assessing the surveillance tools used by the Ministry of Livestock Development stations within the country with particular emphasis on the vet labs and abattoirs in the districts.  On the  of Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation side, the team was assessing the collection and transmission of information to the DDSR.

Site assessment visit to Isiolo; 6th to 8th February, 2013 in anticipation of the setting up of a mini-ZDU office and decentralization of One Health in the country

Decentralization of One Health in the country is very important and ZDU is in the front line to ensuring that this process begins.  It is with this in mind that ZDU is in constant communication with the District Veterinary Officers and District Medical Officers within the country so as to ensure that dissemination of the message of One Health is continuously upheld.  The visit to Isiolo, which is in the northern part of Kenya, was with a view to setting up an office which will work closely with the local veterinary and medical departments in close collaboration with the ZDU office in Nairobi.

Brucellosis sero-prevalence study sample testing

The Brucellosis Sero-Prevalence study was carried out in 2 counties in Kenya namely Kajiado and Kiambu in November 2012 on both humans and livestock in the two counties.  Testing of the samples is in process.  The final results will enable risk mapping of Brucellosis in Kenya.

ZDU Launch – 3rd October, 2012

The Ministry of Livestock Development and the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation launched the Zoonotic Disease Unit on 3rd October 2012 at an invitation only breakfast meeting at Sarova PanAfric Hotel, Nairobi from 7:00am to 10:00am. Immediately following the launch, a ribbon cutting ceremony officially opened the new ZDU office space at the Kenyatta National Hospital Grounds. For a recap of the launch including speeches, photos, the official program and more, click here.