List of Priority Zoonotic Diseases for Kenya

  1. Viral hemorrhagic fever (CCHF, Dengue, RVF, YF, Ebola, Marburg)
  2. Avian influenza and other pandemic influenza viruses (e.g. 2009 A/H1N1)
  3. Brucellosis
  4. Leishmaniasis
  5. Leptospirosis
  6. Anthrax
  7. Rabies
  8. West Nile virus
  9. Bovine tuberculosis
  10. Plague
  11. Tularemia
  12. Protozoans (Cryptosporidiosis, Toxoplasmosis)
  13. Salmonellosis
  14. Helminths (Trichinosis, Cysticercosis, Hydatidosis, Sarcopsis, Diphyllobothrium)
  15. Fungal diseases (Dermatophilosis, Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, Aspergillosis)
  16. Schistosomiasis
  17. Trypanosomiasis


*CCHF – Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever, RVF-Rift Valley fever, YF-yellow fever

NB: The diseases are not ranked in any order

To guide on prioritization, all zoonotic diseases were put in a matrix. The criteria used for prioritization included:

  1. Transmission potential and incidence
  2. Socio-economic implication
  3. Severity of illness or case fatality rate
  4. Bioterrorism potential
  5. Epidemic potential
  6. Difficulty of disease management.