Regional Conference on Zoonotic Diseases in Eastern Africa

The Kenya Zoonotic Disease Unit, in collaboration with the United States Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP) of the Department of Defense and the US Department of State’s Biosecurity Engagement Program (BEP) will be hosting a Regional Conference on Zoonotic Diseases in Eastern Africa to be held at Enashipai Resort & Spa, Naivasha Kenya from 9th – 12th March, 2015.

Conference objective

The objective of this conference is to bring to the fore, unpublished research work (theses, reports, etc existing in university libraries and other research institutions) on zoonotic diseases carried out in the region including work done in Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo, Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia.  While reporting data for the region, the work may have been carried out through institutions in any part of the world.  Specifically, we are inviting submission of abstracts on completed (or near completion) thesis work or any other unpublished (not previously peer reviewed) research work on the following zoonotic diseases, but not limited to:

Diseases of interest

1.  Avian influenza                 10. Tularemia

2.  Brucellosis                       11. Guinea worm

3.  Anthrax                            12. Protozoan

4.  Rabies                             13. Helminths

5.  Leptospirosis                    14. Fungal Diseases

6.  Leishmaniasis                  15. Viral haemorrhagic fevers

7.  Bovine tuberculosis           16. West Nile Virus

8.  Plague                              17. Schistosomiasis

9. Trypanosomiasis                18. Salmonellosis


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